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Front and Back of Football Ostomy Bag Cover
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Multi-Coloured Lightening Bolt Insulin Pump Pouch
Spaceship Insulin Pump Pouch
Frequently Asked Questions                                                      Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Grandma?

I am a retired.  I have a grandson with Type 1 Diabetes.  These children are little heroes to me.  Every day they live with this disease.  I make the pouches to try to make their days brighter and to make them smile.  I have been slowly expanding my product line, based on requests from friends, associates and customers.

How are items made?

Each Item is made with love and care, hoping to put a smile on the face of the person wearing the item.

How long till my order is shipped?

Ideally most small orders (1 or 2 Items) are shipped within 1-2 days business days.  The larger the order the more time may be required to process it.   This is especially true for custom orders as these items need to be made from scratch.  I ask for your patience when these orders are submitted. 

How are items shipped?

Items are shipped within Canada/USA by Express Post, and usually received within 3-10 business days.

International orders are shipped by express post as well, but take a longer time frame to be delivered, which is usually within 10-14 business days.

***Please Note - larger custom orders will take longer to ship due the time needed to craft each item.*** 

What if I have a problem with my order?

Please contact Grandma’s Hands here.  Grandma’s Hands tries to resolve any problems that may arise. If the customer is still not satisfied the funds will be refunded.  Either a cheque or a money order will be issued.

Is there a product guarantee?

The products are guaranteed, sewn with care and will be replaced without question upon proof of the problem with the product within 7 days of purchase.  

What kind of Special Order items does Grandma’s Hand make?

Grandma’s Hands is happy to make belts and other products such as special pouches for pumps and accessories by special order.  There is a slight increase in the cost of the belts due to more material being used.  Items are priced out differently depending; please contact us to learn more.
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