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EpiPen Pouches - $13.99 plus HST*                    EpiPen Pouches - $13.99 plus HST*

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Front and Back of Football Ostomy Bag Cover
Our Epi-Pen® pouches can hold two or more EpiPen, Twinject®, Adrenaclick®, Anapen®, Jext®, Allerject™, or Auvi-Q™ auto injectors.  Our Epi-Pen® pouches allow the device(s) to be carried at all times.  They are made of cotton, are attractive material, padded and held securely closed by a velcro strip. They are offered in multiple patterns and can be made to fit any waist size. We are always adding different material, so if there is a particular pattern you were looking, please contact us.
EpiPen® Pouches
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EpiPen Pouches - $13.99 plus HST*

***All prices are in Canadian Dollars***

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EpiPen Pouch empty with EpiPen
EpiPen Pouch with an EpiPen partially inserted
EpiPen Pouch with an EpiPen inserted
EpiPen Pouch with an EpiPen inserted and fully closed
Here's how our EpiPen® pouches hold an EpiPen.  Once closed everything is held in place securely.
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