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Front and Back of Football Ostomy Bag Cover
These are our Adult Urostomy Bag Covers for one and two piece bag systems. These unique and decorative covers allow the wearer to visually check the bag contents.  They are made with quality material, comfortable to wear, and are durable.  Each cover has an opening for bag flange or ring, made and most importantly is machine washable.  We are always adding different material, so if there is a particular pattern you were looking, please contact us.

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$12.49 plus HST*

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Adult Urostomy Bag Covers are  $12.49 plus HST                     Adult Urostomy Bag Covers are  $12.49 plus HST     
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Flame Ostomy Bag Cover
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Mini Peace AdultUrostomy Bag Cover
Multi Colour Dot AdultUrostomy Bag Cover
Music Note Urostomy Bag Cover
Narcissus AdultUrostomy Bag Cover
Old Car AdultUrostomy Bag Cover
Oriental Urostomy Bag Cover
Pink Heart Urostomy Bag Cover
Pirate Urostomy Bag Cover
Purple Peace Urostomy Bag Cover
Purple Posey AdultUrostomy Bag Cover
Rainbow Urostomy Bag Cover
Red Bird Urostomy Bag Cover
Soccer Urostomy Bag Cover
Swallowtail on Pink AdultUrostomy Bag Cover
Swirl Urostomy Bag Cover
Watermelon Urostomy Bag Cover
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Bright Eyed Cat Urostomy Bag Cover
Red Flame Urostomy Bag Cover
Pink Butterfly Urostomy Bag Cover
Pink Leopard Urostomy Bag Cover