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Grandma's Hands is a Ontario, Canada based company that specializes in custom made Insulin Pump Pouches, Ostomy Bag Covers and related accessories for children and adults who are under insulin pump therapy and/or who have a need to use Ostomy Bags or Pouches.

Insulin Pump Pouches

To some a pump pouch is called a insulin pump pack, accessory, insulin pump holder, pump clip, insulin pump case, purse, bag, wallet or pak. Regardless of what you want to call it its purpose remains the same; to hold the insulin pump close to the body, protect it from being dropped and keep it within easy reach.

Grandma’s Hands has over 250 different insulin pump pouches and belts to choose from.  Each pouch is handcrafted with quality material, attractive, can be worn inside or outside clothing and can be designed to wear for any occasion. Since they are made to withstand the daily activities and accidents that an active child will experience, they can be worn 24 hours a day seven days a week.

They will fit the following makes and models with or without a pump skin;  Animas® (One Touch® Ping™, 2020, 1250, 1200, Deltec Cozmo®, Disetronic Spirit®, MiniMed Medtronic Paradigm line, Insulet OmniPod, Fornia, Sooil Diabecare line and the Nipro Amigo® insulin pumps.  Insulin Pump Pouches can be purchased individually or with a coordinating belt.  Our Insulin Pump Pouch Belts are available in two adjustable sizes and assorted colours.  They can also be purchased individually.

Ostomy Bag Covers

Grandma’s Hand's also offers Ostomy Bag covers for one and two piece bag systems. They can also be called Colostomy Bag covers or pouches by some.  The are several benefits to using a our Ostomy Bag Covers such as; building confidence and self-assurance by lessening any noise that the plastic collection bag may make, hides the appearance of the collection bag and virtually eliminates the worry of the bag being seen and assists with stopping odours.   These benefits are very important to the wearer if they are participating in sports, leisure activities or working. These unique and decorative covers are made with quality material, comfortable to wear, and are durable.  Each cover has an opening for bag flange or ring, and most importantly are machine washable.

Urostomy Bag Covers

Grandma’s Hand's has Urostomy Bag covers for one and two piece bag systems. Similar to our Ostomy Bag Covers our Urostomy Bag Covers are unique and decorative, are made with quality material, comfortable to wear, and are durable.  Each cover has an opening for bag flange or ring, and most importantly are machine washable.

Epi-Pen®, Allerject™ and Auvi-Q™ Pouches

Grandma’s Hands Epi-Pen®, Allerject™ and Auvi-Q™ pouches can hold up to two or more EpiPen, Twinject®, Adrenaclick®, Anapen®, Jext®, Allerject™, or Auvi-Q™ auto injectors.  These pouches allow the device(s) to be carried by the user at all times while participating in activities indoors or outdoors.  They are made of attractive material, padded, held securely closed by a velcro strip, have an adjustable belt with buckle and can be made to fit any waist size.   As an alternative, Grandma’s Hands Stretchy Insulin Pump Pouches can be used for carrying Epi-Pens®, Allerject™ and Auvi-Q™ as well.

Stretchy Insulin Pump Pouches

Grandma’s Hands Stretchy Insulin Pump Pouches are made with quality stretchy fabric comparable to bathing suit material, attractive, held securely closed by a zipper, have an adjustable belt with buckle and can be made to fit any waist size. The most impressive feature of our Stretchy Insulin Pump Pouches is the amount of items that they can carry.  We have put them to the test and can carry your blood glucose test kit, wallet, keys and more at the same time. All while being held snugly against your body.  These stretchy pouches are perfect for anyone who participates in high-intensity activities such as soccer or cross country running.  

Story Behind Grandma’s Hands

Like a great many of you, our lives have been affected by Diabetes. Our grandson was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was just 18 months old.  Now 9 years later he is enjoying the freedom and benefits of using an insulin pump and is the official tester of Grandma’s Hands Insulin Pump related products.  Shortly after he received his insulin pump, we were surprised that there was a shortage of quality made and reasonable priced insulin pump related products on the internet.  As a result, in 2009 Grandma’s Hands website was launched.  Since that time we have been selling our products online and at Diabetes fundraising events in Ontario.   Even with government allowances for insulin pumps and their related supplies it is still expensive to live with Diabetes.  With that in mind we have and will always keep our products at affordable prices. 

Why buy Grandma’s Hands Products?

When purchasing diabetes related products at Grandma’s Hands you are supporting necessary research to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.  At the end of our fiscal year, a portion of our Diabetes related product sales is donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Canada. Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s mission is to find a cure for diabetes and its complications through the support of research.  JDRF is a leader in setting the agenda for diabetes research worldwide, and is the largest charitable funder and advocate of Type 1 Diabetes research.

Recently we have started to offer custom made Ostomy Bag Covers.  This was brought about because we have identified there was a lack of quality Canadian Made products on the internet.  Just like our diabetes related products, i.e.; Insulin Pump Pouches, a portion of our Ostomy related sales are donated to an Ostomy  related charity.

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